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The Emmys in Review

The Emmy’s happened about a week ago. It seems like it was a bit longer than that, but it was only a little over a week. I’m sure many people had thoughts on what was going to happen, but for the most part I don’t think people could have predicted some of the outcomes. In fact, a lot didn’t and some people were very upset in the media world. A lot of people got a lot of awards, some deserved some not, but here are my thoughts on some of the big categories and what I thought of the outcome.

Summer Blockbuster: The Bad

Written by Tyler Lamb. Media by Austin Stephens. Now out of all the movies I saw this summer, not all of them were that good....

Avatar 2: Under Water Motion Capture

Written by Logan Welliver; Media by Zach Bonner.When it was announced that the top-earning movie of all time was getting a sequel I was less than surprised. What production company wouldn’t produce a sequel, and trilogy, out of a movie that earn over 2 billion dollars worldwide?

Christians Rated R: Part III (Application – The Boondock Saints)

For the past couple of weeks, the Papyrus has run “Christians Rated R” part I and part II discussing why and how Christians should go about engaging Rated “R” films. (We have worked to provide a method/argument for a way of coming to these films on their own terms while still retaining a Christian identity). This week concludes this series with a final installment that explores an “R” rated film in an attempt to put our thoughts into practice. I have chosen for this piece a film from the late 90s entitled The Boondock Saints. Essentially, the film is about two Irish brothers who, after defending themselves and others in a bar fight, are attacked by low-level enforcers for the Russian mob. The brothers end up killing the enforcers, after which they receive a prophetic call from God to go and smite out that which is evil so that “that which is good may flourish.” The brothers go about systematically tracking down members of the Russian mob and other criminals who they believe are doing evil things. In this process, they develop a relationship with a federal detective who tries to discern whether or not what the brothers are doing is righteous. The brothers believe that they are acting in the truth and justice of God, for they are doing what is necessary to keep the tyranny of evil at bay. The overall sentiment of the film is that the indifference of good people is a worse evil than intentionally evil actions.

Christians Rated R: Part II (How)

Last week, in response to the Papyrus opening up the entertainment section to reviewing rated “R” films, Austin Schumacher posted an article providing an argument why Christians should engage such films, even when they have received this rating because of objectionable or offensive content such as gruesome violence, blatant sexuality, or profane language. In this he cites reasons of the need to portray the reality of life in art - life can definitely be gruesome, blatant, and profane at times - as well as the fact that our sacred texts include stories with similar content. In discussions with me, Austin thought that I would do well at providing a part II to his initial article on “why” Christians should engage these types of film, and therefore, I have been drafted into tackling the idea of “how” Christians should go about this engagement. I have decided to go about this by first developing a theoretical model for engagement that can apply to all types of art - not just film - and then take the model and practically apply it to an “R” rated film to provide an example of how this theory works in practice. The application will come in the final installment of “Christians Rated R” next week, and this week I will focus on the theoretical aspect of engaging art. Because I’m splitting this into two weeks, this week’s article may seem to stray a bit on the broad side - away from films specifically - but hang with me until next week, and I hope it will begin to make a bit of sense.

Christians Rated “R”: Part 1 (Why)

Since the Hollywood first began its assault on humanity with all of its ubiquitous glitz and glamour, it has been known to push the envelope concerning objectionable content. While it is not alone in this direction (music, theatre, and any form of the arts are also known for this), the purpose of this article is to address movies, though the views presented here could be taken into the other categories as well. As Christians, many of us are more than ready to push back against this style of movie-making. It conveys a lifestyle and actions that we do not agree with, and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that such movies do not get made. However, is this a truly justified stance? Can there be some truth found in movies that contain objectionable content? Could there be some “good” in rated R movies? Overall, is it wise to see a movie that seemingly goes against what is written on the hearts of Christians?

Rom-Com with Aplomb: A Guide to GC’s Favorite Romantic Comedies

Written by Micah Truitt and Ashley Featherston. Media by Zach Bonner. Some runner-ups are: The Wedding Planner: Being as busy as wedding planner, Mary Fiore,...

Warm Bodies Special Engagement

Written by Caleb Dossett. Media by Jeff Schaeffer. I often hear people around here bemoaning the fact that Greenville is two sizes too small and...

Oscars According to Tyler

Written by Tyler Lamb. Over the winter break I spent a lot of time watching movies, specifically the ones that have been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. Of course, after seeing them all I have my own opinions, and as you may know by now, I am pretty vocal and strong about the ones I have.

End of Watch Review

Review by Tyler Lamb. End of Watch is a new movie from writer/director David Ayer (Training Day, The Fast and the Furious) starring Jake Gyllenhaal...