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G.L.E.N. Knows How to Rock!

G.L.E.N. is a new rock band at Greenville University that consists of members Garren Shelley, Luke Rushik, Ethan Trokey, and Noah Thuma. On October...

School of Rock Rocks St. Louis

Written by Regina Sanders. Media by Hengyi Chi. During the month of January, St. Louis bore witness to the rock 'n' roll spectacle that was "School...

How to be Friends with a Music Major

Written by Mandy Pennington. Media by Tawnie Kozora. Friends with a Music Major? You’ll be okay. There are many personality types and one of life’s greatest struggles...

Millennial Whoop

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Paige Lunde. “Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it. It will be forever with you. Just a warning.”...

Guide to Surviving the Greenville Music Scene

It’s no secret to everybody who attends Greenville college that there is a lot of music that lives here, many aspiring artists that are refining their craft and a large collection of potential audio engineers. To accompany all of that, almost all people enjoy music; some enjoy it more than others, but there is a place for music in all of us.