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GC Speaks – Favorite TV Show

Written by Thomas Hajny | Media by Thomas Hajny and Jonathan Barker Hey guys, so it is time for another GC Speaks! This time around,...

House of Cards

Let’s take a poll right now, raise your hand if you’re interested in politics. Besides looking weird in front of your friends and random strangers, if you’re a part of the minority of Americans, you find politics engaging, interesting and above all else: awesome. But if you’re like the majority of Americans, you probably can’t even name the Speaker of the House without Wikipedia. Regardless of whether you like politics or not, you probably have a negative view of them, specifically Washington.

seaQuest DSV: It’s like Star Trek… underwater

I seem to find myself looking for a new show to watch on a more regular basis lately, as my poor Netflix profile will tell you. I often browse around my recommendations, and come up empty. And when I do find something that looks interesting, it’s pretty rare for me to stick around a show for longer than a couple of episodes. When I find myself still watching after a good five episodes, I know that there’s something different about this one.

REVIEW: Derek, a Netflix Original Series

The latest in a long line of TV brilliance trailed from Ricky Gervais is Derek. The man who brought us The Office, Extras, and the Golden Globes (am I right?) now offers up the tale of a middle-aged innocent who spends his time working at Broadhill, a nursing home in England.

Better than Sunday Brunch at the DC: Interterm

Written by Elise Cranston. Here's the deal. I am going to let you in on a little secret. Interterm is whatever you want it to...

Why Aren’t You Watching This?

By Tyler Lamb On a daily basis I reference many TV shows, movies, comic books, and a multitude of items within pop culture. There are...