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Tokyo Summer Olympics Postponed Until 2021

Coronavirus impact has spread throughout nations causing panic in many. Within a month's time, the virus has changed many lives and lives have been...

GU Host Annual Adapted Sport Olympics

https://www.facebook.com/GUPapyrus/videos/292671118290223/ Greenville University hosts annual Adapted Sports Olympics here on campus. Exciting races and games for the community at the Recreational Center on campus.

The Olympic Spirit: Which Sport Fits Your Personality?

There is an epidemic spreading across Greenville’s campus. If Twitter is any indication, the student body of Greenville College has caught a mean case of Olympic fever. In light of this development, the Papyrus has come up with a way for you to take ownership of your Olympic fever. You guessed it! We have a personality quiz for you. Just five easy questions and you’ll know which Olympic sport best fits your personality.

Is Baseball too Obscure for the Olympics?

Since 776 BC in ancient Greece the Olympic Games have captivated audiences. There’s something special about witnessing other human beings achieving incredible feats in the sports arena. Surely, the Olympics have proved that people all around the world are capable of outstanding things. One of the first games ever practiced in Greece was the sport of wrestling. Wrestling, used to be more brutal than it is today, but the objective of ancient wrestling was very similar to modern wrestling. Two opponents attempted to toss each other on the ground three times, however, the few rules instilled only discouraged biting and male anatomy grabbing. The limited rules of ancient wrestling must have made for a gritty spectacle. Even today wrestling is still a very popular sport that involves two people feuding with all their might to throw their opponent to the ground. Unfortunately, rumors have circulated recently that wrestling will be cut from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.