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How Good Is Valorant (Beta) Really?

An upcoming game has taken the scene by storm and many are waiting for a chance to be able to try it out. Valorant...

Jojo Rabbit: A Wonderful Catastrophe

Cinematic Conversations at Greenville University is a class focused around watching and discussing movies. One of the showings this year featured Jojo Rabbit. For...

Octane: Is He Too Fast!?

Apex Legends is a big game that came out with its first season recently and with it came a new character: Octane. The release...

Masterpiece or Mayhem: Apex Legends

By this point, many people all across the globe know of a game called Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a first-person shooter battle royale...

Masterpiece or Mayhem: Summoner’s War

Summoner's War is a mobile role-playing gotcha-pull game that has seen quite a bit of popularity over the years. With recently reaching over one-hundred...

Nani? There’s No Anime on Campus?

When you hear the word anime, what shows come to your head? Even if you don’t watch them, I'm sure you've heard of shows...

The Future of Sex is Cyber Sex

Content warning: this post contains poetically illustrative passages on sex and the topics surrounding sexual contact. If this topic is sensitive for you, please...

LetsBeReal Episode 12: GU

The Real Crew (Coleton Gensler, Swade Edwards, Eric Williams) talks about their personal preferences about Greenville University and what they would change! https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/letsbereal-episode-12-gu

GU Football Players Heart Basketball, too

Despite the fact that the NFL and college football are both in full swing, many football players here at Greenville University also enjoy watching basketball....

The Art of Doing Nothing

The art of doing nothing is a long lasting tradition. Having been passed down generation to generation, it has lineage back to the dawn...