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GU Esports

Thank you BJ Fink, the coach of GU Esports and Joseph Aldridge, who is a part of the Esports team for the interviews and...

A Master in Soccer

Written and Media by Taylor Ratcliffe. In contact sports, injuries on a sports field are always likely to occur. However, most people are not cautious...

Overcoming Senior Stress

Written by Amanda Hermes. Media by Kelsey Neier. Overcoming senior stress… is it even possible? As the end of the year draws near, our final projects and tests become ever more imminent. It can feel like the world is ending as we sit at our desk at 3am drinking our 5th cup of coffee in efforts to stay awake. So what can we do to help manage the stress that comes from last minute projects and tests? After four years of college, I have learned a few tricks to do just that: