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GC Speaks: Shoot, It’s Legal

Over the summer of 2013, a very big change happened in Illinois. On July 9,2013 it was made a law that as long as one has a permit, they could carry a concealed weapon anywhere in Illinois. Of course, they were some people who were pleased and not so pleased about this law. Many people, including myself, thought that this act would only worsen crime and homocide rather than help with these problems. Yes, it is a right for a person to be able to defend themselves, and obviously these kind of people aren’t the problem and citizens like this aren’t the reason why Illinois residents like myself have a problem with this new law. Too many well meaning, abiding citizens are killed every year by guns all because there are too many people who don’t care about the laws or have regard for human life. Sadly, I hear more about innocent people getting killed by guns than criminals.

Cuban Exit Permit Requirement Lifted

Written by Matthew Harper. On the 16th of October, Cuba announced that it will be dropping its requirement for “exit permits,” meaning that, for the...