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The Feelings Experience

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Ashley Chaney. From hearing students rehearse songs to shows being played, The Blackroom is always busy.  With something always...

Scrib Slam

Nerves raced through the performers as the start of the event drew closer. Each artist sending out last minute prayers and going over their lyrics in their heads.; they all worried that they would be the one to forget their lines. At least, that’s how I would have been. It was the first annual Scrib Slam, allowing all the creative types on campus an outlet to showcase their talents.

Shtuff Cubed Podcast #8: Flashback 2

The second installment of the flashback series! The boys talk about the spoken word event held on campus featuring Ezekiel Azonwu, the weird American themed...

Spoken Word with Ezekiel Azonwu

As brash as it may be to say, the words spoken by spoken word poets have been known to paint the most detailed murals across the inner dome of countless heads. As defined by Glenn North (2008) for The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, "Spoken word poetry is poetry that is written on a page but performed for an audience. Because it is performed, this poetry tends to demonstrate a heavy use of rhythm, improvisation, free association, rhyme, rich poetic phrases, word play and slang. It is more aggressive and 'in your face' than more traditional forms of poetry".

Live Arts Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance! If some of you are curious about what exactly this means, please allow me to explain myself. Those of us here at the Papyrus are excited to present to you a contest of epic proportions. Since you are reading this, you obviously are aware that the Papyrus publishes news articles that are written by the students here at GC, but what if we went deeper than that?