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The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 13 – Oh...

In this episode, Jake and Austin dive into new Papyrus articles and the Homecoming events. Also, a women get hits by a deer and school gets canceled for an awesome reason.

The “New” Vatican

In the short seven months that Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) has been the Pope of the Catholic church, he has already made a large positive impact in his position.

Introducing Pope Francis

After the shocking resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the new Bishop of Rome has been chosen, and it’s none other than former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, who has taken on the title of Pope Francis. While the world’s Catholics rejoiced at the announcement, others also saw Francis’ appointment as a possibility for exciting change and progress in the Vatican. Though he’s hardly been in power for more than a week, many people are already enjoying the way Francis is handling the papacy. He’s often wandering into crowds to interact with the people of Rome (worrying his security detail, of course) and displaying views on world issues much different than those of previous recent Popes. There is some confusion as to his views on certain issues -- his stance on gay rights isn’t clear, for example, as his public statements seem to denounce gay marriage even more so than his predecessor, Benedict, but he also reportedly tried to convince the Argentinian government to implement civil unions for gay couples, leading some to think he’s a supporter of gay rights, which would be a major step in a new direction for the Church -- and it will of course take a while for Catholics to get used to a new face leading the Vatican. It looks, however, as though the excitement that started with the conclave to elect Francis has carried over into his early days as Pope.

Search for Pope Continues Amidst Scandal

Written by Matthew Harper. Media by Bobby Williams The final of the 115 cardinals needed to begin the conclave to choose Pope Benedict XVI’s successor have arrived at the Vatican, joining discussions that as of yet are secret to the public. These early meetings, called general congregations, are focused on not just when the conclave will begin, but also a number of different issues the Roman Catholic Church is facing at this time. According to Reuters, the general congregations have not been as secret as they are meant to be this week, as the Vatican has been unable to completely contain leaks of information from the meetings. Italian papers and sites have been reporting things that are supposedly on the agenda at the meetings. Cardinals themselves have been giving information to reporters, which has not just the Vatican worried, but also fellow cardinals who don’t want what they are discussing spread to the masses, as some heavy issues within the Church are being debated. The Vatican’s spokesman says that the cardinals in the meetings need to stick to their vow of secrecy.

Pope Bombshell

Written by Matthew Harper. DM by Bobby Williams. Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation announcement on Monday surprised the world and many have been left wondering what comes next for the Vatican. Becoming the first Pope to step down from the position since Gregory XII in 1415, Benedict XVI released a statement in which he cited his age as the major reason for stepping away from the position. When Gregory XII stepped down 600 years ago, the reasoning revolved around a major schism in the Church. Benedict’s resignation is of a more personal nature, in line with the resignation of Pope Celestine V in 1294. That resignation came after only five months due to Celestine’s preference of the simple monk life over the duties of leadership as Pope. Although Benedict’s resignation comes as a shock, it isn’t necessarily unprecedented in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

NOT CC@GC Episode 2 – North Koreans

Hosted by Adam Crouch and Jake Cannon. In this episode of the GC podcast, Jake and Adam start a contest that ends next Monday. The...