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Marlene Saravia: The Power of Peace in Protest

Guatemala started appearing more frequently in the news a few months ago. An entire nation protesting together to end government corruption? What was going on in this country? American interest piqued when the president of Guatemala resigned and was jailed in September.

On Praying The Psalms

Written by Nathan Kriebel. Media by Katie Wallace. “Let’s bow our heads to pray,” speaks the worship leader. “Lord, we thank you for this day,...

The “Optional” Commandment

Written by Mike McLouth. Media by Katie Wallace.                           It is culturally convenient that of all the commandments not one is treated with such condescending disregard...

Excessive Celebration, or Religious Tribute?

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Matt Miller. On September 29th the Kansas City Chiefs played against the New England Patriots in Kansas City, MO...

Monk Ye See, Monk Ye Do: How to Pray like a...

In The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence gets the ball rolling on the true purpose behind devotions, friendship with God. This handicapped, Carmelite monk desired above all things to establish and delight his soul in continual conversation with God- to pray without ceasing, to love God incessantly, and to give thanks for all things. Lawrence referred to this posturing of the soul as the practice of the presence of God.