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How Private Is Your Privacy?

Written and media by Maggie Schoepke. The issue of privacy is certainly something that instills a sense of fear in us—especially the older generation. Since...


Written by Baylen Whitfield. Media by Baylen Whitfield. Do you know that you’re almost never not being watched? Are you aware that your location is...

Personal Data Stores and NSA Developments

Imagine everything you’ve ever sent to anyone: your phone calls, texts, emails. Think about the places that you have been with your cell phone. Those were meant to be personal and private. That’s how you probably want them to stay. But recent events have made Americans question how confidential this kind of communication really is. Much of this suspicion is due to the work of the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA’s mission is, “Defending our nation. Securing the future.” But the NSA is beginning to see a lot of negative reactions to their continuing activities. Many people see these activities as offenses of the fourth amendment rather than ways to enhance security. But to others, it makes them feel a lot less secure.