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The Metaphorical Meanings of Tunnel Vision

When people talk about tunnel vision, one of the very first definitions that springs to their mind is the loss of peripheral vision. It...

No Benches, No Half-Time, No Time-Outs….. Welcome to GU Cross Country

The Greenville University Sports Program shows a great deal of talent that showcases on a field or track that eventually walks across the stage...

Taking Risks: Confrontation and Christianity

Written by Jonathan Bremer. Media by Cord Buchanan. If there is one thing many of us like to avoid, it is conflict. It's easy to...

Unconforming to be Transformative: Part 1

Written and media by Bradley Stubbs. Today we are conformed to society. Over time, society has used multiple methods of conforming us and instead of...

Murph’s Pitch Ep. 16: Dr. Steve!!

Written by: Logan Murphy, Issac Akers. Media by: Joseph Wood https://soundcloud.com/logan-murphy-871225521/ep16-dr-steve Today we invited professional hockey analysis guy, Steven Davis on the show! We talk about...

Help! My Friend is in a Bad Relationship!

Written by Paige Farnworth, Media by Jack Wang It’s bound to happen. Because we love our friends so much, we are going to form immediate opinions...

For Goodness Sake, Just Ask the Girl Out on a Date!

We all know THAT couple, that couple that claim they are not dating but spend every waking moment texting and every free chance together. This way of communicating interest and getting to know each other has seem to become the norm in a phenomena we like to call ‘talking’. We see these people across the DC, enjoying lunch when someone asks, “Are Phoebe and Bartholomew dating?” You immediately correct them by stating “No, they aren't dating, they are just talking.”

Can You Relate?

Article by Amber Christofferson. Media by Zach Bonner. Everybody can relate their life to a song. So when it comes to love, what song describes...