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Everyone’s Favorite Game of Tennis

Slide to Unlock and the first serve has been sent in this game of tennis. He asks about a homework assignment or if you are going to the Blackroom that night. You respond with an answer and a question. He responds with the same until you have been texting all day, creating conversation through a cold, mechanical, unemotional and non-relational object.

How to Court Someone: “The Right Way”

I believe it was Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. With this Einsteinian thought in mind, I want to say something to those of you out there who feel drawn to someone on the Greenville campus but have yet to make a move because you’re expecting a miracle to make that relationship happen for you - you are “insane.” I can hear some of you now, “So what chance do I have?”

The Dating Game

As wedding season comes to an end, many Greenville College students find themselves pondering how some of their peers have already chosen to spend the rest of their lives with someone. For these students, deciding which fall drink at Jo’s is their favorite might be the biggest commitment they have made so far this year. Many single Panthers feel the pressure to be on the prowl for their soulmate, whether on Scott Field, the Union, or in COR101. However, it is necessary and healthy to step back from the hunt and at times ask, “Why so serious?”

Sextravaganza: Singles and Couples

Written by Ross Baker & Millie Hodnet. Media by Kat Kelley. Spring has sprung in Illinois, and for Greenville College students that means it is time for Sextravaganza! This year’s Sextravaganza topic is focused on debunking myths that surround sex and human sexuality. Greenville College Residence Life is putting on four different events this year, with one on each Tuesday of April.

Love and Relations Relating to Relationships: Celebrities you can ask out...

Written by Dr. Nathan W. Crews; Media by Kat Kelley. Hello Readers! I hope that everyone has their dinner reservations in place, flowers ordered, and...