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Author Spotlight: Rainbow Rowell

Written by Kristen Kanaskie. Media by Madison Moran. If you’ve stuck your head into a bookstore in the past four years or have kept up...

A Spotlight on Wes Anderson

Written by Jordan Thomas. Media by Madison Moran. The film industry has been blessed with the inclusion of writer, director, and producer Wes Anderson. Throughout...

Selma: A Brief Reflection

Written by Andrew Page. Media by Madison Moran. The United States has been blessed by extraordinary figures, such as Martin Luther King Jr., figures that...

González Movie Review

Article and Media by: Charley Phillips. Gonzalez is one of the five movies I saw while attending the Chicago Film Festival in October. After seeing all...

Track by Track through Noah Gundersen’s “Ledges”

At 24 years old, Noah Gundersen is a songwriter not unlike many others, but so far ahead of the game. And his debut release has cemented himself as one of the great songwriters of our day.

Yu Yu Hakusho Review

Anyone who grew up on the Toonami block should already be familiar with Yu Yu Hakusho. I remember watching bits and pieces of the first two seasons back in elementary school, after getting home. At some point while I was in middle school, I borrowed a large section of the series on DVD from a cousin. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the series, I realized that while I enjoyed the series originally, I hadn’t actually retained much from watching it on Toonami.

Ronin Warriors Review

Anyone whose read my previous reviews know that nostalgia plays a big role in my judgments. To be perfectly honest, the appeal to Ronin Warriors is almost completely fueled by nostalgia. Anyone who was raised on the Toonami block on Cartoon Network might remember this series. It was one of those hidden gems that passed the time between your arrival home from school, and the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning Review

If you’re looking for an obscure, but engaging Anime series to watch, look no further! Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning was one of the first non-Toonami series I ever watched, and is largely what led me to dive into Anime.

Noah: To See or Not to See

This article has taken me a while to write. I wanted to do more research before writing, and I wasn't exactly sure how to write this article in the first place. Going to school at Greenville has taught me to be open minded, and the Film and Lit. class I'm in right now has taught me a lot about adapting novels/stories to film. Maybe that is why I actually liked the movie.

Clannad Review

To start, I’d like to declare that Clannad is my personal favorite anime series of all time. That isn’t to say that everyone will absolutely love this series, but it is definitely worth at least a try, especially if you’re into the slice of life genre.