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Study Abroad & Missions 2016

Written and DM by Stephanie Rodriguez. The Director of World Outreach and Missions, Faith Marie Nava, worked throughout the semester to provide the best opportunities...

Bombings in Syria After ISIS Attack in Paris

Written by Roman Butler. Media by Andrea Martin. Now that ISIS has claimed to be the reason for terror in Paris, Russia and France...

Ukraine Crisis Update

Written by Andrea Martin. Media by Matt Miller Pro-Russian rebels were able to drive 80% of Ukraine’s troops out of a crucial city, even after...

World in Briefs (09.24.13)

United States When one is in the middle of a crime, the last thing they want is to be caught with their pants down. Anthony Jason Garcia can attest to this after a botched robbery attempt of a church gift shop in Orlando, California. After praying in the sanctuary of the church, Garcia headed toward the gift shop, grabbed the cash register, and bolted. Unfortunately for him, church maintenance director Joe Larkin was in hot pursuit. As the chase continued, Garcia’s pants did not want to be seen as an accomplice and decided to fall.

Meteor Explodes Over Russia, Injuring Hundreds

Written by Matthew Harper. DM by Bobby Williams. Imagine you’re sitting in your house playing some Halo 4, your spirits and energy high, when, all...