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Testimony Series: Suicide, School Shootings, and Switchfoot, Part 2

Written and Media by Joey Clinton. (Continued from Part 1.) When I realized I wouldn't be returning to Purdue, I tried my hardest to move on....

Testimony Series: Suicide, School Shootings, and Switchfoot, Part 1

Written and media by Joey Clinton. I was 14 the first time I planned to commit suicide. It wasn’t that I wasn’t a Christian (I was)....

It’s Time: Students Demand Change

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Kalynn Pierce On Wednesday, Feb. 14, what should have been the end of a typical school day turned tragic...

Virtual Violence

Children can be very easily influenced to do good and bad things, but video games alone don’t make children violent or lead them to turn to crime later on in life.For a child to become so violent and dangerous, they would have to witness it firsthand, e.i their parents or their peers. Babies and little kids are pure and don’t know right from wrong, as they get a little older, they do learn and grow a lot, but I don’t feel that kind of evil is in them, and it’s a little hard to believe playing a shooting game every weekend will send them over the edge.