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Tag: science

It’s Not Snake Oil!

Written and Media by Momoka Murata. Snake oil means something fake or phony.  But we actually do get something of value from snakes: particularly poisonous...

Paradigm Shifts: A Possible Result of Futuristic Ideas

Written and Media by Baylen Whitfield. Curiosity possessed by humans throughout history has led to us exploring our world and its origins. From man discovering...

Increasing Productivity

Written and Media by Baylen Whitfield. We are all rich in possessing a valuable resource known as time. Everyone is given 24 hours in a...

Shtuff Cubed Podcast #10: Ash Wednesday Revisited!

The boys explore ash Wednesday and lent - the aspects of giving something up for lent, some really deep religious perspectives and points of view, the awesomeness of scientific discovery, and a 32,000 year old plant!