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Make Your Own Fun at GU

Small rural towns like Greenville, IL are full of charm and usually lots of corn. But what are college kids supposed to do for...

Let’s Start the Conversation #AttendGC

Written by Tyler Kohrs. Media by Riley Hannula. With the technology we have today, it is easy to store and share memories on social media...

Re-published: Shack was Back (and the death of outreach)

Some of you may have noticed some cardboard boxes set up on Scott Field or by the library steps not too long ago and wondered what it was all about. Shak-a-Thon is not something new to Greenville College, nor really in most places for that matter. This is an event many people participate in across the nation to raise awareness of homelessness in America and to get a first hand experience of what it is like. These events are intentionally placed when it is cold out to make the experience more real at some of nature’s harshest times.