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Search for Pope Continues Amidst Scandal

Written by Matthew Harper. Media by Bobby Williams The final of the 115 cardinals needed to begin the conclave to choose Pope Benedict XVI’s successor have arrived at the Vatican, joining discussions that as of yet are secret to the public. These early meetings, called general congregations, are focused on not just when the conclave will begin, but also a number of different issues the Roman Catholic Church is facing at this time. According to Reuters, the general congregations have not been as secret as they are meant to be this week, as the Vatican has been unable to completely contain leaks of information from the meetings. Italian papers and sites have been reporting things that are supposedly on the agenda at the meetings. Cardinals themselves have been giving information to reporters, which has not just the Vatican worried, but also fellow cardinals who don’t want what they are discussing spread to the masses, as some heavy issues within the Church are being debated. The Vatican’s spokesman says that the cardinals in the meetings need to stick to their vow of secrecy.

Beyond the Bachelors: The Tara Wepking Story

Article by Tara Wepking (Previous Papyrus Editor-in-Chief).  Media by Michael Trieb In that final semester before graduation this past May, I was all about making...