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Open-Dorm Hours are Confusing

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by John Freeman. What’s the deal with open-dorm hours?  They're when you can have your significant other, or anyone of...

New Year, New Vision

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Riley Hannula. While the presidential elections go on this year, Greenville College’s GCSA held its own election earlier this...

The Elite 32 and What They Do For You

Article by Emily Rauch Media by Aaron Phillips “Dude, I wish campus had (insert cool thing or cool club you would like to see on...

Cereal For Senators

“An organization that strives toward bettering campus by empowering leaders, activating change, and serving God and the Greenville community.” That’s how student body Vice President Emily Callon describes Student Senate. Student Senate is a mix of students who represent the campus to the administrative groups in campus; they have the authority to vote on new clubs, budgets from various organizations, and to write proposals for new additions to campus. An example of what they have done recently is getting fresh fruit in the Dining Commons.

Senate Committee Approves Resolution for Syria Attack

Written by Andrew Baugh & media by Michael Courtney On Wednesday, September 4th, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution allowing President Obama to utilize a military strike on the country of Syria after reports of the government’s use of chemical weapons on civilians. The opinions of the senators were split with a final 10-7 vote, with both bipartisan support and resistance to the proposed strike (BBC).