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The Art of the Shoe Business

Shoes have evolved from a simple fashion staple to now something that many people consider a life hobby. While many people may not realize...

Not-So-Broke College Kids

Many people value shoes. Some shoes can cost $10 while others are up to $50,000! Even here at â€‹Greenville University​, many students have paid a...

12 Things Graduating Seniors Should Add to Their Wishlists

Written by Skylar Bareford. Media by Sara Dawson. Are you graduating soon? Now is a good time to start thinking about practical items to add...

ShtuffCubed Podcast: WIll Podcast for Chacos!

One question has plagued man's mind since the beginning of time. A deep, festering curiosity burning in every heart on this earth - What is the best outdoor shoe? Well, now, we will find out. Join Logan and Jimmy on an epic quest to find the perfect shoe!

Chacos: Possibly The Greatest Shoe Ever

Here at Greenville College, there is a group of people that have an understanding - an understanding of the importance of quality shoes that still look awesome. These are the people that own Chacos. I have put together a list of reasons why Chacos are not only the best shoes ever, but also how they have changed my life.