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First Time in Greenville Snow? Here’s What You Need

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Emergency Preparedness: 5 Things to Keep In Your Car This Winter

It’s important to stay calm and make sure you are prepared for bad road conditions, as well as the possibility that you could become stranded for awhile. Here are five things that are crucial to have in your car when driving during winter.

United States Affected by Snow

This winter has been different for many cities throughout the United States. There have been long periods of time that not only is it below zero degrees Fahrenheit in the Midwest but snow just keeps falling in different areas of the country that as of February 13, 2014 at least 57.9 percent of the United States is covered in snow. This is a record breaking season because 49 out of the 50 states, all except Florida who has gotten cold weather but so far is snow-free, have had some snow this season.