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Greenville Soccer Woes Continue

Last Tuesday the Greenville men’s and women’s soccer teams continued their season long woes, both falling 1-2 at Lindenwood-Belleville. The losses epitomize the tone of a so far dreary season for both Panthers teams, but a remaining schedule full of conference matchups shines a glimpse of hope on the Greenville soccer fields. In the men’s game the Lynx scored a late goal in the first half to put themselves up 1-0. The Panthers could not even get a shot off, as Belleville shut them out in the first half. Early in the second half, the Panthers came back with a goal of their own on a shot by senior midfielder, Aaron Mulholland. The tie would not last long however, as the Lynx scored the go ahead goal with 10 minutes left in the game. Two goals would be all Belleville needed to hand the Panthers their sixth loss of the season.

Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams Geared for Improvement

The soccer season is well underway for both the male and female programs at Greenville. Then men’s team started off their season with an impressive victory against Trinity International on August 31. Greenville hoped to use the momentum from the win in their next game against Dominican (IL), but it wasn’t quite enough, and the Panthers lost a close one in their second battle of the season 0-1. However, the heart of Greenville's squad was really tested in games three and four. Both games went into double overtime, and were tremendous tests of endurance and resilience. The matches both ended in ties, but the Panthers proved their toughness in the extra minutes. Trinity Christian and Rose-Hulman were the teams that tested GC in games three and four.

Sports Debates: Offsides

Written & Media by Joe Hubbs. Media by Ryan St. Hill. A midfielder picks off a pass from an opposing attacker and finds his teammate wide open downfield. The crowd, blowing those obnoxious vuvuzela horns, notices the opportunity to score and immediately explode with excitement. In less than a second, the noise reduces to one whistle. Offside! The ball belonging the other team, heads the other way, and the score still remains zero to zero.

My Experience As a Soccer Fan

Written by Chris Albin. Media by Mikey Ward. My name is Chris Albin, and I am a soccer fan in the United States. Not only...

Clearing the Stands: Are Apathetic Fans Pathetic or Virtuous?

Last week Joe Hubbs wrote an article about his experience as an ‘ecstatic fan’. In it, he describes and dismisses the so-called ‘apathetic fan’. According to him, such a fan is someone who “associates themselves with a team, but hardly cares if they win or lose.” However, Hubbs goes on to associate the term “bandwagon” with apathy. Although I agree with Joe in my disdain for bandwagon fans, I cannot associate them with apathy. In fact, it is rather problematic to associate the two. This is because I have met the likes of the most die-hard bandwagon fans while at Greenville College and I must say, they are not apathetic about their tendency to cheer for the next best team. That being said, it is intriguing to think about what qualities a so-called “apathetic fan” would demonstrate. Would they show any interest in sports at all or merely observe? Do they only feel the need to be a fan once or twice a year? Do they neglect to be a full-fledged fan because they do not feel invested into a particular team or community of fans? This whole idea may be trivial. However, it is peculiar to live in a society driven by spiritual apathy, and yet observe the overwhelming passion the majority has for a sport or specific team.

Scruples with Fandom: The First of a Semester Fandom Series

Written by Josh Cranston. Preface & Media: Mikey Ward Preface: Shortly after returning from Rwanda this December, Haley Fahrner approached me and asked me to...

Score Roundup for September 25-October 1, 2012

by Darius Golden. Football Sat. 9/29 1pm vs. Crown College, W 49-18 JV Football Mon. 9/24 4pm vs. Bethel College of Tennessee, L 24-6 Men’s Soccer Sat. 9/29 2pm @...

Score Round Up

Score Roundup for September 17-24 Varsity Football Sat. 9/22 1pm @ University of Minnesota-Morris W 49-24 JV Football Mon. 9/24 4pm vs. Bethel College of Tennessee L 24-6 Men’s...