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Finding Jesus Online

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton. When I came back from Israel, I had a couple of days on campus before spring semester...

Taking the “Social” out of Social Media

Written & Media by Mary Todd Christian. In the year 2008, I remember begging my parents to allow me to get a Facebook. When my...

Get Your GC Updates and Stay Connected

  Article and Media by: Charley Phillips. Greenville College is a big community that always has something going on. Whether it would be sports or student...

Always On…Never Focused

Article and media by Charley Phillips. It seems like everywhere we go, there is some type of technology. I, for one, have been obsessed with...

Podcast Shtuff Cubed: Don’t make any sudden Pinterests!

  The boys talk about the crazy Pinterest take over. Logan loves reddit and Jimmy is more wishy-washy on the whole subject. What is your...

#GCSpeaks: What’s Your Favorite Hashtag

The hashtag has been a social media phenomenon since the making of Twitter. This epidemic became even more popular when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake had a whole conversation in hashtags


My introduction to the selfie came towards the end of my high school career. I remember very little from my high school experience, but I do remember that fateful day when I first saw somebody take a selfie in study hall. I do not know if the term “selfie” had been popularized by then, but what I can confirm is that I was utterly confused. Why on earth would somebody take a picture of their face? What purpose did it serve?

GC Speaks: Social Media

For many of us, social media is as much a part of our lives as eating, doing homework, and going to class. We’re checking alerts, updating our status, and commenting on the finer aspects of our life. So, if it’s such a normal aspect of what we do every day, should we consider using it during the times that it’s normally not allowed? How might that benefit us, and how might it prove to be more trouble than it’s worth?