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Women’s Soccer Takes First Conference Game

The Greenville University women's soccer team has finally entered the conference portion of their season, and this past Saturday they competed against Iowa Wesleyan...

Murph’s Pitch Ep. 17 Food, Love, And Happiness

Written by Logan Murphy and Issac Akers. Media by Joseph Wood. https://soundcloud.com/logan-murphy-871225521/ep-17-food-love-and-happiness The boys sit down with professional hockey analyst Dr. Steve and professional food categorizer...

2017 Moment: Correa Proposes at World Series

Written by Josh Robinson. Media by Jason Wang. They say that the beautiful thing about baseball is that anything can happen. Well, it’s always a...

Murph’s Pitch Ep15: Thanksgiving Season!

Written by: Logan Murphy, Issac Akers. Media by: Joseph Wood https://soundcloud.com/logan-murphy-871225521/ep15-thanksgiving-season Today we put Baseball season to rest by celebrating the Houston Astros and their World...

League of Learning: The Support

Written and Media by Miguel Fabela. Welcome to Summoner’s Rift and another episode of League of Learning! In the previous article, you learned about one...

USC Head Coach Fired

Written by and Media by Trey Adams. On Monday, October 12th, the University of Southern California’s athletic director Pat Haden decided to indefinitely remove...

Weird Sport: Cheese Rolling

Written by and Media Trey Adams Hundreds of mostly English folk and some around the world gather around either spectate or participate in the annual...

Sport and Faith: Alonzo Stagg

Written by and Media by Trey Adams In 1892, a man named Amos Alonzo Stagg was hired at the University of Chicago as the...

Calling All Students! Paid Submissions!

For a limited time, the Papyrus offers freelance writers a chance to be paid for their work. Over the next four school weeks—from Monday, March 30 to Friday, April 24—the Papyrus will pay $20 per article for well-written submissions of 500-700 words from any GC student. Use the “Submit An Article” tab at the top of the Papyrus home page to send submissions to the editors for consideration.