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Panthers Find Different Type of Victory

In the past couple of years, the Panther football team has displayed a knack for second half comebacks which has made for some wild finishes. That the Panthers were a fourth quarter program also became evident this season. Whether it was the narrow, last minute road victories against Eureka and Crown, or the thrilling homecoming rally against Northwestern, the football team always rose to the occasion whenever adversity was present.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 21 – Cats,...

In this episode, Jake, Austin and Glenn go over Papyrus articles, events in Greenville and the latest in GC sports. Also, they have an extremely special guest coming for Monday's podcast.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 18 – You...

In this episode, Jake and Austin take apart a few Papyrus articles and welcome Glenn Owens as he gives the latest update in GC sports.

Why I Love Powder Puff Football: Senior Musings About Powder Puff...

The women of GC went head to head this past Thursday, October 17th, in the annual Powder Puff football tournament. After an intense game lasting into overtime, the senior class celebrated their first tournament win of their career.

Professional Alumni Athletes Return to Greenville

For Homecoming 2013, Greenville welcomed a successful bunch of alumni athletes back on campus for an annual sports tradition: the alumni games. Some of this year’s participants are currently professional athletes in different parts of the world, and other participants simply seek the rush of their beloved sport. The games serve as a chance for present and former Greenville athletes to build community. Primarily, the games are intended to remember past Panther athletes, and to allow alumni students to re-live the exhilaration of competition, and the atmosphere of collegiate athletics.

Coach Ackerman’s 200th Win Just One Piece of a Huge Season...

Head coach Tom Ackerman has been coaching volleyball for seventeen years at Greenville College, but this season might be his best yet. What many thought would be a rebuilding year for Greenville volleyball has turned into an undefeated season in conference. With the help of several well playing freshman, strong senior leadership, and the experience of coach Ackerman, the Panther volleyball team is currently 19-4 as the season begins to wind down. After dropping three out of their four first games in the season opening tournament, the Panthers went undefeated in September and have only lost one game since. Coach Ackerman is particularly pleased with the performance of senior

The Cost of The Game

There is nothing like going to a live professional sporting event. Whether it be at the 50 yard line of a Bears game, behind the foul pole of a Cardinals game, or even the infamous “nose-bleed” seats at the Bulls games. These games help drives the viewers excitement, and sparks passion in fans of all ages as they are able to watch there favorite teams live. Almost nothing can take away from the experience of seeing your favorite players, play to win the game. Games typically take any where between 2-3 hours (Lets not even talk about the chance of an overtime). And that one thing that may put a damper in the Live Game experience, may just happen when your stomach starts to growl a little bit.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 15 – How...

In this episode Austin and Jake tackle the Homecoming dance while Peter Owens gives a sports update from the field.

Is Baseball too Obscure for the Olympics?

Since 776 BC in ancient Greece the Olympic Games have captivated audiences. There’s something special about witnessing other human beings achieving incredible feats in the sports arena. Surely, the Olympics have proved that people all around the world are capable of outstanding things. One of the first games ever practiced in Greece was the sport of wrestling. Wrestling, used to be more brutal than it is today, but the objective of ancient wrestling was very similar to modern wrestling. Two opponents attempted to toss each other on the ground three times, however, the few rules instilled only discouraged biting and male anatomy grabbing. The limited rules of ancient wrestling must have made for a gritty spectacle. Even today wrestling is still a very popular sport that involves two people feuding with all their might to throw their opponent to the ground. Unfortunately, rumors have circulated recently that wrestling will be cut from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Greenville Soccer Woes Continue

Last Tuesday the Greenville men’s and women’s soccer teams continued their season long woes, both falling 1-2 at Lindenwood-Belleville. The losses epitomize the tone of a so far dreary season for both Panthers teams, but a remaining schedule full of conference matchups shines a glimpse of hope on the Greenville soccer fields. In the men’s game the Lynx scored a late goal in the first half to put themselves up 1-0. The Panthers could not even get a shot off, as Belleville shut them out in the first half. Early in the second half, the Panthers came back with a goal of their own on a shot by senior midfielder, Aaron Mulholland. The tie would not last long however, as the Lynx scored the go ahead goal with 10 minutes left in the game. Two goals would be all Belleville needed to hand the Panthers their sixth loss of the season.