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What Your Favorite Homework Spot Says About You

Everyone has that spot on campus that they retreat to when there's homework to be done, and where you choose to go to says...

American Media’s Effect on Our International Reputation

American media, especially television and movies, have come a long way since the black and white films that wouldn’t have thought of showing sexual scenes and using what most would call foul language on the air. Since the internet has been made available to individuals, even less of what is seen on screens around the world is censored. It is no secret that American entertainment is viewed outside of the United States. Around the world, people are watching American movies and listening to American music. For some people who do not have the chance to travel, the image of America received through watching and listening to American media is one of few images of this country they will ever get. In many cases, I don’t think that this is helping Americans out internationally. If we really think about what is portrayed in our movies, television, and music, can we say that they represent what real life is like for Americans? Are our values made clear and our lifestyle portrayed?