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Paradigm Shifts: A Possible Result of Futuristic Ideas

Written and Media by Baylen Whitfield. Curiosity possessed by humans throughout history has led to us exploring our world and its origins. From man discovering...

God and Technology

Written and Media by Baylen Whitfield. Religion, science, and technology seem to be at war with each other these days. The relationship between them is...

Apple Ethics Questioned

Written Lauren Buser. Media by Baylen Whitfield. Technology and technological advances are an important asset to day-to-day life. Apple products have become a very...

More Pros of the Con

This year, I again attended Wizard World’s Saint Louis Comic Con. This was their second year doing this, and it was a huge improvement from the year before. There were more celebrities, bigger panel rooms, bigger show room floor, more artists, and more comics. Of course, even though all of this was amazing, it seems what really made my weekend was one specific celebrity by the name of Manu Bennett.