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If You Can’t Leave A Tip; Eat At Home

Written by Allison Perry. DM by Tawnie Kozora. Did you know restaurant servers are not paid minimum wage? That’s right! Because servers are intended to...

Spring Breaking it

Spring Break 2014 is just around the corner, though it doesn't feel like it with the crazy winter we are still having. Never fear, for here at the Papyrus we have been compiling a list of travel tips for you. Whether you are going on a road trip, flying, or just going back home to be with family, these tips will help you to have the best Spring Break possible.

Cookie Monster Attacks!

Written by Matthew Harper. Media by Bobby Williams. It’s reasonable to assume that at some point in each and every one of our lives, we will look over at the random Sesame Street character costume still hanging in our closets – the one we put there after needing it for our godson Jimmy’s sixth birthday party, of course -- and think “You know, I should really put that thing to good use again someday.” Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, resident of what many refer to as the “greatest city in the world,” New York, was one such soul who just wanted to put his Cookie Monster in action again. Unfortunately, his idea of putting said blue, fuzzy suit in action was to extort money from people by charging for photos, yelling obscenities at them, and then knocking over a 2-year-old. It turns out that begging for money using a costume for a character you don’t have the rights to and then assaulting a small child is illegal in this nation, though, so Quiroz-Lopez was arrested the next day for multiple charges, including assault, child endangering, and “aggressive begging” (Fox News). The specific incident that led to the arrest took place the weekend of April 6th and April 7th and has stirred a lot of public outcry, as well as possible large-scale legal ramifications. This child assault alone would likely have been enough to get the gears of the New York City legal system turning, but it’s sadly not the first incident involving costumed characters in Times Square harassing the tourists. Five months ago a man dressed as Mario was charged with groping a woman. In September of last year, a man named Adam Sandler got arrested for shouting anti-semitic slurs at tourists while dressed as Elmo. Sadly it wasn’t that Adam Sandler.