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Yu Yu Hakusho Review

Anyone who grew up on the Toonami block should already be familiar with Yu Yu Hakusho. I remember watching bits and pieces of the first two seasons back in elementary school, after getting home. At some point while I was in middle school, I borrowed a large section of the series on DVD from a cousin. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the series, I realized that while I enjoyed the series originally, I hadn’t actually retained much from watching it on Toonami.

Ronin Warriors Review

Anyone whose read my previous reviews know that nostalgia plays a big role in my judgments. To be perfectly honest, the appeal to Ronin Warriors is almost completely fueled by nostalgia. Anyone who was raised on the Toonami block on Cartoon Network might remember this series. It was one of those hidden gems that passed the time between your arrival home from school, and the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.