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Who Is E-Sports’ Jeremy Whisenton?

As children, we often grasp skills and hobbies and run with them. As years and time pass these skills become a part of us....

Things To Do in St. Louis if You Only Have $10

St. Louis, right on the Illinois and Missouri border (and about an hour outside of Greenville for those of us who are students), is...

Love Donuts? Then You Need to Visit this Ohio County

I'm not sure if it is super common for a person’s hometown to become really cool (and I mean like really cool) right after...

It’s a Big World

Looking back in 20 years, you are most likely to be regretful of the opportunities that you did not take than the ones that...

Traveling Through a Hurricane

Written by Amber Wibbenmeyer. Media by Kelsey Middleton. Hurricane Irma was the largest hurricane to form in the Atlantic in 2017 so far (although Hurricane Maria...

Brazil Interterm Team

Article & Media by Courtney Murphy and Olivia Maurer Looking for an amazing class to take over Interterm? Do you want to study abroad? Do...

Spring Break for YOU

Written by Magan Burns. Media by Baylen Whitfield. Spring break is just around the corner, and the time has come to plan out your...

Beat Those Winter Blues

Written by Megan Burns. Media by John Walnofer.   It's time to beat the winter blues that haunt us all around January and February. The holiday...

Project One Haiti

Written by Emelia Ferrero. Media by Kelsey Neier. Project One Haiti, an organization operating out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, demonstrates this kind of faith. James 1:27 tells us pure and undefiled religion before God is to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and this is exactly what POH is about.


I’m about to take part in the last interterm of my career as a Greenville College student and I still struggle at explaining it well to others. It may seem like a fairly simple concept, a month devoted to the studies of one class, but after you experience a couple interterms you realize it is so much more extraordinary than that.