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Tag: tuition

Is College Even Worth It?

We've heard it all our lives: Go to college, that is how you will get a good job and get good money. Adding onto...

College Tuition

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Rachel Koehnemann. According to the institute for college access and success, Greenville College students who graduated in 2015 had...

2013-2014 Tuition Increases

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Media by Kat Kelley. Students received an e-mail from Acting President Randy Bergen Monday night announcing that there will be a 3% increase on tuition next school year. The total increase is about $924 or $462 each semester. This is the lowest tuition increase in the last eight years and Bergen explains in the letter, “We have worked to keep the price of education as low as possible.”

Fireside Chat: Money Talks

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Media by Kat Kelley. Tuesday night students sat down with administration to discuss what everyone has on their minds: money. Acting...