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3rd Annual Oscars According to Tyler

Written by Tyler Lamb. Media by Madison Moran. Don’t worry folks, I’m here again for another year of my very own Academy Awards. Now, I...

Chapel Summary, Global Impact Week

Written By John Freeman Media By John Freeman Global Impact week is a yearly event where students who are interested in global ministry are introduced...

Burial At Sea Episode 2 Review

The worst part about finishing Bioshock Infinite’s latest DLC, Burial At Sea Episode 2, is knowing that it’s the last time we’ll get to play in the Bioshock world. Well, at least one made by Irrational. As we learned recently, they are closing the studio and Ken Levine is moving to a different IP. This being their swan song, it leads to hope that it holds up to the series precedent set by the first Bioshock and Infinite with writing and gameplay.

Top 5 Actors Who Will Never Die

Everyone wants to be an actor. Even people who have already made it big in other industries like music seem to make their way into Hollywood and on the big(or small) screen. Few of these aspiring actors end up achieving their goal, and even fewer will be remembered forever for their accomplishments. Here is a list of five actors who will forever be remembered, whether they are dead or still living, for their memorable skill and charisma in front of the camera.

Say Hi to GC’s New Athletic Director, Kent Krober

s Doug Faulkner moves towards the position of Dean and Associate Professor, his role as Athletic Director was left open with massive shoes needing to be filled. Fortunately, Kent Krober will be returning to the Greenville Campus to become the new Athletic Director, in hopes that he will be able to fill the void left by Faulkner. Papyrus Sports Section Editor Joseph Hubbs was able to sit down with the new director and talk with him about what he sees for the future of the sports and how he feels about Greenville College as a whole.

Doctor Who Week: Theories on the 50th Anniversary Episode

There have been many theories about the upcoming 50th anniversary over time. For the most part it seems all the signs are pointing into one direction. It seems that most of the questions have been answered, or at least made more clear to the fans. The release of the short “The Night of the Doctor” really helped this. If you haven’t watched that video yet, do so before reading on. Here is what we know so far about the 50th and what it will be.

Rebuilding “Community”

Written by Tyler Lamb and Media by Michael Trieb. Just recently, Community aired its season 4 premier episode on NBC. It is safe to say that...

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

Written by Tyler Lamb. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the first film in a new trilogy from director Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings...

A Look Back: The Batman Franchise

Written by Tyler Lamb. Recently I went to the world tour arena show Batman Live. After seeing this play, I realized that I have experienced...

Skyfall Review

Written by Tyler Lamb. Skyfall is the most recent installment in the long running 007 franchise, but the third in actor Daniel Craig's run as...