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Entering A New Stage of Life

Mathew Rodriguez, from Quito, Ecuador is a freshman at Greenville University. He is a Business Management major and also a part of the GU...

Gestures and Phrases

Written by Kathleen Malone. Media by Kelsey Middleton. Many gestures throughout the world have to potential to mean different things, so it can be confusing...

To Kneel Or Not To Kneel? Part 1

Written and Media by Tymber Gabbert. "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because...

Unique Concert Venues

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy.   Summer is fast-approaching, and with it comes beautiful weather, freedom from school, and hopefully trips to some...


Written by Carrie Baker. Media by Kayla Morton. Less than a month ago, Christians all around the world were celebrating Easter. While many attended church...

War On Terror

Written by Leanna Westerhof. Media by Kayla Morton. The War on Terror is a familiar phrase since the attacks of 9/11 when Al-Qaeda sent the...

Syrian Situation

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton. Five years ago, a civil war erupted between the Syrian government and citizens who rejected some of...

Politics and Student Life

Written by Leanna Westerhof. Media by Kayla Morton.   For many of us this upcoming election will be our first opportunity to vote for the next...

Obama’s $6.2 Billion Ebola Plan

Written by: Andrea Martin. Media by: Charley Phillips. President Barack Obama has requested $6.2 billion from Congress to fight Ebola that is spreading quickly through...

World in Briefs (10.15.13)

United States Most would argue that a dog is man’s best friend. They roll around and act adorable. They bark loudly when you are trying to leave the house. They are a popular excuse for a child’s missing homework. However, they can also be expensive. While Wayne Klinkel and his wife were enjoying a pleasant lunch, his dog Sundance was enjoying a lunch of his own—$500 in cash, to be exact. Upon discovering the remains of a $100 bill, the Montana man immediately knew what had happened.