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Make Your Own Fun at GU

Small rural towns like Greenville, IL are full of charm and usually lots of corn. But what are college kids supposed to do for...

Tennis Golf

Hello, folks. I would like to call your attention to a game that could be harmless-if it was placed in an urban setting with more outside space and Greenville College’s outside area is hardly large enough. I am talking about urban golf, or as I like to call it-“tennis golf”, since that type of ball is always used when urban golf is played at GC.

The Concrete Links: Urban Golf

Have you ever been walking around campus and had a tennis ball go whizzing past your head? Chances are when you looked where it came from, there were a few guys standing with golf clubs who would yell at you to not touch the ball. This is a common occurrence anywhere that urban golf is played, such as Greenville College.