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Possible Amtrack Shutdown

Written by Roman Butler. Media by Thomas Hajny. Amtrak warned lawmakers of possible railway services being shut down if Congress denies the extension of implementing...

Woolly Mammoth Remains Found in Michigan

Article by Rebecca Oldham. Media by Andrea Martin. Imagine when you were a little kid and you used to play in the sandbox. You would...

Weird Sport: Cheese Rolling

Written by and Media Trey Adams Hundreds of mostly English folk and some around the world gather around either spectate or participate in the annual...

South Carolina Floods

Written by Andrea Martin.  Media by Thomas Hajny. Over 750 road rescues took place in South Carolina in a 12-hour span after the East Coast...

Volkswagen Scandal

Written by Roman Butler. Media by Thomas Hajny.  One of Germany’s leading auto manufacturers, Volkswagen, took a huge blow after admitting to programming 11 million...

KY Clerk Called a Religious Martyr for Protesting Same-Sex Marriage

Written by Roman Butler. Media by Madison Moran.  Kim Davis, a 49 year-old Rowan County clerk was released from a Kentucky jail on Tuesday Sept. 7,...

Calling All Students! Paid Submissions!

For a limited time, the Papyrus offers freelance writers a chance to be paid for their work. Over the next four school weeks—from Monday, March 30 to Friday, April 24—the Papyrus will pay $20 per article for well-written submissions of 500-700 words from any GC student. Use the “Submit An Article” tab at the top of the Papyrus home page to send submissions to the editors for consideration.

France Mourns Deaths of Top French Athletes

Written by Andrea Martin. Media by Matt Miller. Two helicopters collided on March 9 in Argentina killing all 10 people aboard. Among the deaths were...

Ukraine Crisis Update

Written by Andrea Martin. Media by Matt Miller Pro-Russian rebels were able to drive 80% of Ukraine’s troops out of a crucial city, even after...

Obama’s Plan After Midterm Election Downfall

Written by Andrea Martin, Media by Jack Wang After the disastrous midterm elections for the Democratic Party, President Barack Obama outlined his agenda, and addressed...