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Top Greenville College Chapel Songs of ’13-14

During my preview visits to Greenville College before attending, one of my favorite things about the college was Chapel, and specifically the time of worship through music. I noticed a high standard of musicianship, and also a passion and energy in the congregation of students. Greenville College requires students to attend a certain number of chapel services, which exposes students to a large amount of worship time.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove Visits GC

I met Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove over pre-Chapel breakfast with my fellow students. It was a rare occasion for us students to be up so early, let alone cooking a real breakfast of waffles, bacon, and eggs. Hartgrove appeared to be a kind, gentle, and personable man, and my suspicions were promptly confirmed.

It Only Takes A Spark

On Friday, March 28th, a spark landed on the Greenville College. Thanks to the efforts of GCSA, students were treated to speakers throughout the day who spoke about different aspects of leadership. The day started off in Chapel with author Jeff Shinabarger, author of More or Less. He spoke on the topic of generosity and what it meant in terms of being leaders.

Chapel with Richard Zeller

At this particular chapel, Greenville college students had the amazing opportunity to have internationally acclaimed baritone Richard Zeller speak. It was amazing to hear about where he came from and how he overcame obstacles. It is always refreshing to see someone so successful and gifted be so humble and down-to-earth. He brought laughs and a sense of humor, and it was clear that he is passionate about what he does

Rebekah Lyons

This week I had the privilege of hosting Rebekah Lyons. For me, welcoming my favorite author to our campus has been quite the journey. About a year ago, I stumbled across Rebekah’s name and found myself on her website. I was moved by her passion for women, and God began to stir in me my own passion to create a space where girls could go beyond conversation centered on their current crush or nail polish color.

Mannoia Lecture Series: God of Ragged Edges

What's worse? Telling God you don't believe in him, or telling him he is deceiving you? ... What do you do when dreams and expectations are smashed again and again? ... What do you think about a God who lets events such as the bombing of Hiroshima, the Rwanda genocide, and the Holocaust happen?" These were some of the questions Dr. Richard Middleton asked during his chapel address on February 12.

Chapel – Christmas Candle Lighting

On Wednesday, December 11, the Christmas Candle Lighting chapel took place. Full of excitement, students experienced one of Greenville College's favorite traditions. A worship service that is both awe inspiring and humbling. It is amazing to see how this tradition has developed on GC campus over the years. If you happened to miss this beautiful tradition, here is an opportunity to see what took place.

Let’s Talk Lifestyle

"Greenville College is a community in which individuals join together to further their academic achievement, personal development, and spiritual growth. Together we seek to honor Christ by integrating faith and learning while our hearts and lives reflect mature Christian practice."

Breaking Bread

Written By Brittney Gilleland. Media added by Sean McFarland.   Last Wednesday morning, students gathered in the gym for a chapel that they wouldn’t forget. With...

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 14 – Homecoming,...

In this episode, Jake and Austin take delight in their Doctor Who themed chapel announcement. Also, it's Homecoming week and there's a lot going on.