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Breaking Into a New Church Community

Written and Media by Mary Todd Christian One of the most important things to find once you have moved into college is a church community...

Disciplined Decisions

Written by Charlie Herrick.  Media by Stephen Hillrich. 24Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the...

Why Christians Should Read (Sing) the Psalms

Last week, Richard Middleton (Northeastern Seminary) spoke to our campus about lament and our need to recover it in our lives of discipleship. Lament, Middleton taught us through Jeremiah 20 and the book of Job, is all about our honest and uncensored speech to God in the midst of our pain. Through the example of the Exodus, Middleton explained that lament is ‘the fulcrum between our bondage and deliverance.’ Biblical lament – the kind of lament we see in Jeremiah and Job and in the Psalms – is what God wants from us. God can handle this kind of speech. Even more, God wants this kind of speech from us. And here is why: God wants us to be his friends.

Foundations of Christian Doctrine Class Trip to St. Meinrad’s

Written by Kyle Smith. This past weekend, a group of twenty-one students traveled with Dr. Hartley and Emily Bishop to spend a weekend at St. Meinrad’s...