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TREY and Taylor Harpster in the Blackroom Cafe

This Tuesday the Blackroom Cafe had almost a full house for the TREY concert that took place at 8:30. Taylor Harpster opened with original songs,...

RAW Artists Showcase

Written by Ben Casey. Media by Bekah Dothager. On Thursday, September 10, popular St. Louis venue The Ready Room opened the RAW Artists showcase, Bold. RAW,...

Christian Genre Spotlights: A Guide to New Music Discoveries

When asking people about their thoughts on Christian music, I got a lot of people saying that they don't listen to Christian music or they are not a big fan of Christian music. A lot of people brought up the point that "it all sounds the same" or "it is just not the style of music I like." When you hear "Christian music" does K-LOVE pop into your mind? Yet, there is so much more than just K-LOVE, there is actually a lot of different genres within Christian music other then the songs played on the typical Christian radio station. I have made a list and included videos along with them to maybe help you discover new genres or artists that sing for the Kingdom of God.