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“Jesus Stomping” at FAU is Stepping on Toes

Written by Erica Siddle, Media by Kelsey Kuethe A South Florida professor was placed on administrative leave after an in-class activity exploded into a media controversy following a student complaint. According to the student, who also notified the media of his professor’s insolence, he was unfairly suspended from class after refusing to write the name “Jesus” on a paper and stomp on it during the class activity. The assignment came from a classroom exercise in the instructor’s guide of the textbook, and according to its author Jim Neuliep, has been used in classrooms for the past 30 years without complaint. Deandre Poole, the professor of an intercultural communication class, defended himself by saying that first and foremost he asked the class to step on the paper, not stomp on it. He said the activity’s purpose is to show the power of symbols, not to disrespect Christianity.