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John Hammond Returns to Greenville College

Written and Media by Brian Ehresman Homecoming weekend brings back many alums to the Greenville College campus each year.  A lot of people from GC...

Kent Krober: Proud Panther

 Written by Rebecca Oldham.  Media by Thomas Hajny. The school year is already upon us and classes are in full force. Everywhere we look, our...

Say Hi to GC’s New Athletic Director, Kent Krober

s Doug Faulkner moves towards the position of Dean and Associate Professor, his role as Athletic Director was left open with massive shoes needing to be filled. Fortunately, Kent Krober will be returning to the Greenville Campus to become the new Athletic Director, in hopes that he will be able to fill the void left by Faulkner. Papyrus Sports Section Editor Joseph Hubbs was able to sit down with the new director and talk with him about what he sees for the future of the sports and how he feels about Greenville College as a whole.