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Sextravaganza: Stories and Discussions

Written by Meagan Gunn. Media by Jessica Sturgeon. Imagine with me for a moment: you walk into a dark room that feels nearly frigid after a day spent outdoors enjoying the warm spring sun. The only light in the room radiates dimly from several lamps placed on various desks. There are couches set up in the front of the room, but the low light makes it difficult to distinguish the people sitting on them. As if to make the entire situation worse, the topic for discussion is none other than that dreaded yet exciting three-letter word—sex. This describes the setting for this year’s final Sextravaganza event on Tuesday evening, April 30 in Snyder 104. The event “Stories and Discussions” was hosted by COR 401 group 16 as part of their project. COR 401 group 16 is made up of six seniors —Haley Fahrner, Chase Weber, Brittney Rand, Michael Trieb, Joel Beussink, and Michael Mercurio. They invited GC faculty and staff Jake and Lisa Amundson, John Brittingham, and Emily Bishop to be involved with this event. “Stories and Discussions” was just as the title describes; the event was broken up into several sections focusing on the emotional and physical aspects of sex, both for newlyweds and for those in more mature relationships. Discussion questions facilitated a time of audience reaction and participation after each section.