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Lingering Questions in Boston Bombing Case

Written by Matthew Harper. DM by Bobby Williams. As Boston moves forward with their recovery after the horrific attack on the Boston Marathon last month and the ensuing chaos in Watertown, new questions about who was involved and what motivated the attack have become the focus over the last few days.

Boston Marathon Bombers Caught

Written by Matthew Harper and DM by Bobby Williams. Mere days after the heinous attack on the Boston Marathon that caught all of America off-guard and left a city in a worrisome state, the two brothers responsible have been identified, tracked down, and apprehended.

Boston Marathon Tragedy

Written by Matthew Harper. Media by Bobby Williams. The Boston Marathon is an annual tradition dating back to 1897, making it the oldest such contest in the world. Every year thousands of people make their way to Boston from around the world to participate in the event and, until Monday, it had usually been a joyous event. Shortly before 3pm Eastern time, two blasts went off near the finish line of the marathon. The explosions have left 3 people dead, 176 injured, and an entire nation searching for answers. Contrary to reports that circulated shortly after the explosions Monday afternoon, no additional explosive devices were found. President Barack Obama has called the attack an act of terror, but there are no clear leads as of this time and no arrests have been made.