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Physics Candidate Presents ‘Knowledge of the Unseen’

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Digital Media by Jessica Sturgeon. Dr. Hyung S.Choi was on campus this week as a candidate for a faculty position in Physics. Dr. Choi held a colloquium entitled “Knowledge of the Unseen: Comtemporary Physics and New Worldviews,” on Tuesday in front of students and faculty who evaluated his presentation. He also lectured in Dr. Lombardini’s Physics II class Wednesday morning. In the colloquium, Choi looked at the different worldviews of physics through the centuries. “Everyone has a worldview,” Choi began, “the way we see the world affects the way we value things.” It was interesting to hear about how spirituatlity was such a present topic since the beginning of studying science. As a Communication and English major, it was enlightening to learn a little more about physics and the journey of universe exploration.