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Talk That Talk Episode 7: Verse of The Day

John 5:14 is the verse of the day! Steven Oscar and Russell Lamb speak on the reality of sin. No sin is bigger than...

Let’s Dig into Forgiveness for Our Sins

Sin started with Adam and Eve. According to John Piper, “When Adam and Eve used their biceps and triceps and hand muscles to reach...

In The Wake of Sin

Written by Joe Watson. Media by Max Gensler Everyone has been stabbed in the back by someone that loves them at one time or...

(Un)Holy Things: Sin

Derived from the Latin word for guilt or guiltiness, sin is an unavoidable human condition. In the Genesis creation stories, humanity is depicted as to have right and personal relations with God. However, within the Adam and Eve narrative, arises humanity’s first sin. Commonly referred as original sin, humanity’s first sin speaks to ones inability to fully trust God and to confess for previous wrongdoings. Consequently, mankind seeks wordly wisdom away from God, but neglects to realize that all wisdom comes from God. Thus, in the wake of original sin man has the autonomy he has sought, but not the perspective or Godly wisdom to grasp it fully. Therefore, sin is not only an act, but also a state or barrier that needs to be overcome.