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How Superhero Movies Have Changed

Superhero movies are big bucks nowadays. From Endgame to Shazam, it seems that every time a superhero flick comes out, there are predictions that...

Daniel’s Picks (MCU Edition)

Welcome to the hot new podcast where your friendly neighborhood RC, Daniel Weyers talks about his favorite things in life. Today the discussion surrounds...

DC v Warner Bros: Challenge of the Super Friends

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Jason Wang. Warner Bros. Entertainment may have just had its second best year ever, but there’s trouble brewing over at...

Avengers: Age of Awesome Part 1

Written by Joe Kerr. Media by Austin Stephens. Two weeks ago, an angel descended from Heaven and placed upon us a glorious gift. That gift,...

Trailer Trash (Geek-out Edition): Days of the Winter Hobbit Lego

It appears that Hollywood sees fit to continue to release trailers, so it is our dutiful job to check them out and give you all the deets on what we think of them.