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Syrian Situation

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton. Five years ago, a civil war erupted between the Syrian government and citizens who rejected some of...

The European Migrant Crisis

Written by Rebecca Oldham. Media by Andrea Martin. In the past few months, migrants have been fleeing from the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and...

Refugees vs. Illegal Immigrants: How Do We Handle the Situation

Written by Emelia Ferrero. Media by Mary Todd Christian.   Most Americans by now are aware of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. It has been defined as...

Syria Update

Syria's Bashar al-Assad has agreed to destroy chemical weapons and has until mid-2014 to destroy the over 1,000 tons of stockpile weapons. As of October 7, the Syrian government has cooperated and the arsenal destruction is being overseen by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Assad claimed that it would take about a year to destroy all the chemical weapons.

Peaceful Solution to Syria Situation

Tensions were high last week as the United States edged close to launching a military strike on the country of Syria over reports of the government’s use of chemical weapons on civilians. Much to the relief of many people, the military strategy seems to now be taking a backseat to a more peaceful option.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 3 – Syria

Hosted by Jake Cannon and Austin Schumacher featuring Dr. Scott Neumann. In this episode, Jake and Austin discuss an interview with Dr. Scott Neumann, Associate...

Joint Action Necessary to Subdue Syria

Much of the news coverage recently has centered on the attack in Damascus, Syria and the action that will be taken by other nations as a result of the violence. The spotlight has been on President Barack Obama as he has been traveling, making speeches, and trying to gain support to take action against Syria. He says the world needs to know that no one can simply get away with breaking “international norms.”

Senate Committee Approves Resolution for Syria Attack

Written by Andrew Baugh & media by Michael Courtney On Wednesday, September 4th, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution allowing President Obama to utilize a military strike on the country of Syria after reports of the government’s use of chemical weapons on civilians. The opinions of the senators were split with a final 10-7 vote, with both bipartisan support and resistance to the proposed strike (BBC).

Israel Strikes Targets in Syria

Written by Matthew Harper. DM by Bobby Williams. Amidst an enormous crisis in Syria, in which thousands of innocent lives have been lost due to fighting between the conflicting government and rebel forces, and rumors of possible chemical weaponry making headlines, Israel has carried out two separate airstrikes in the Middle Eastern nation, whipping out weapons intended for Hezbollah soldiers.

Crisis in Syria

Over two years ago, protests started in Deraa, a town in southern Syria, and, despite the peaceful nature of the protests, President Bashar al-Assad responded with force. Due to his regime’s extreme reaction, the protests spread, and things have finally spilled over into a civil war (BBC News). Although the initial protests two years ago were peaceful, the rebels are far from it now. Besides the large number of Syrians fighting Assad’s government, large numbers of foreign jihadists are now entering Syria to aid in taking on the regime. These extremists are complicating matters a great deal, as Assad is using them to show that, if he gets knocked out of power, these radicals will then take over Syria. The problem here lies with the fact that Britain, France, and the United States aren’t remotely friendly with Bashar al-Assad or his allies and had at one point been considering ways to aid the rebels. It would obviously be a terrible political move for those nations to help the side that the jihadists are also helping, but they initially intended to aid the rebel forces who are badly outclassed because Assad’s allies in Iran and Russia are aiding the government forces. A suicide attack on a pro-government mosque by the jihadists aiding the rebel forces has all but guaranteed the United States and other major Western powers will try to avoid being linked to groups taking such radical measures.