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Married Housing is Important

Written by Amber Wibbenmeyer. Media by Kelsey Middleton.  Housing: a roof over your head. It is one of the fundamental necessities of life. Without it, there...

Stress with the Dress

Written by: Lauren Buser | Media by: Thomas Hajny While being young and in love is not socially recommended, it is believed to be a...

After the Ring by Spring

Written by Paige Farnworth | Media by Thomas Hajny We all know the joke. We pay for a college education, but if we don’t snag...

The Dating Game

As wedding season comes to an end, many Greenville College students find themselves pondering how some of their peers have already chosen to spend the rest of their lives with someone. For these students, deciding which fall drink at Jo’s is their favorite might be the biggest commitment they have made so far this year. Many single Panthers feel the pressure to be on the prowl for their soulmate, whether on Scott Field, the Union, or in COR101. However, it is necessary and healthy to step back from the hunt and at times ask, “Why so serious?”