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The Odyssey Online

Written by Tabitha Rice. Media by Logan Nelson. Over the summer, I got a message through Facebook asking me to join The Odyssey Online: If you’ve gotten a...


Written and Media by Emma Canady. The air is crisp and cold, the leaves orange and crunchy, and the drinks apple and pumpkin flavored.  November...

Thirty Days of Literary Abandon

It’s five minutes to midnight and you are staring intensely at the clock, fingers poised and ready above your keyboard. The second hand seems to be moving unnaturally slow; perhaps something has happened in the time space continuum. Maybe time has actually slowed down.

On The Importance of a Good Title

Written by John Thomas Brittingham. Media by Michael Trieb “I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning” “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” These are great titles. They are bold. They are inviting. Some might even say that they are epic. These are great titles, and they tell you almost nothing about the content of the book.