Forest Park Attractions

Wheat and water fountain in Forest Park
Wheat and water fountain in Forest Park | Photography by Jenny Cayo

Written by Tyler Lamb.

Lets be honest, Greenville isn’t the most exciting place to spend a weekend in. We’ve all been there on a Saturday afternoon, wondering what should be done since nothing in The Square even opens till 4. If you’re ever in this position, look no further than Forest Park in Saint Louis. Being only about an hour drive away, this place is well worth the drive on almost any day. It’s not just any park, there are many attractions throughout the fields other than grass.

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Talking with Tyler Lamb about Forest Park attractions | Media by Jenny  Cayo

The zoo is most likely the main attraction of the whole place. Not only has the Saint Louis Zoo been named one of the best zoos in the country and one of the “must go to” places in Stl, but its free! Just walk on in and start looking at all the animals the place has to offer. Recently, they put in an awesome new seal exhibit that is an underground tunnel that you walk through. While walking through this place you get to see the seals swimming around you, as the tunnel goes through their aquarium. You can spend hours at the Zoo and be very entertained. An added plus, they have DipnDots!

Autumn in Forest Park | Photography by SmugMug RL

There are also a couple museums that you can go visit while you’re in the park. There is the history museum and the art museum. I can’t remember a time I was in either, to be honest, but during the winter the hill outside of the art museum is a popular sledding site. This hill is so poetically known as “art hill.”

Wheat and water fountain in Forest Park
Wheat and water fountain in Forest Park | Photography by Jenny Cayo


Another popular spot in Forest Park is one where everyone seems to go for his or her wedding/prom photo shoots. It is a location, which in Saint Louis, is the most cliché place for these kinds of pictures, and any really. There is also a golf course and so much room for just a plain casual walk.

Path in the zoo
Path in the zoo | Photography by Jenny Cayo




If you start to get hungry during all these festivities, you can stop by the Boathouse to eat. Not only do they serve food here, but you can also rent a paddleboat and enjoy some fun out in the lake outside the restaurant. This is always good fun, and the food is great too. An awesome spot to go if you’re looking for a place to take a date!



All in all, Forest Park is a great place to spend a day in. It’s very easy to lose track of time and just have fun doing almost anything the place has to offer, even just walking around. So next time it’s a nice day outside and you’re sitting around campus trying to figure out what to do, grab some friends and take a field trip out to Forest Park in Saint Louis.

Fountain in Forest Park
Fountain in Forest Park | Photography by Jenny Cayo



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